Gift Ideas For College Students

Inside view of pouches filled with necessities from In A Pikle

Every college student is hungry, all of the time, just freakin’ starving. That’s how it works. Studying drains the energy from your body like when Rogue from X-Men touches people… I like that movie and it’s on my mind. This article is about gift ideas for college students.

1. Money/Gift Cards

I shouldn’t have to list this because it should be obvious, but the always number one gift you can give a college student is cold hard cash. Granted some may be hesitant to just hand over cash since c’mon, it’s probably going to buy an 1/8th, a 12-pack, Doritos, a tank of gas, and impulsive purchase of a Snickers at the checkout because he/she went to class every day that week and deserves a ‘treat’.  All of you know I’m right on this. But if you really want to make a college student happy, this is what you do.  A college student just wants to relax but can’t…Extra pocket money is relaxing.

You don’t have to pay full price for gift cards. Sites like Plastic Jungle and Gift Card Granny are popular places to purchase (and sell) gift cards secondhand. You can save as much as 35% off the face value of a gift card (or more if you include eBaysellers) by using one of these sites.

Check out Boarding Area’s full chart of gift card hacks.

Inside view of pouches filled with necessities from In A Pikle2. Purse Organizer (In A Pikle)


Pak Your Pikle With Refill Paks. Click Here!

In A Pikle is a company that has pre-planned, pre-stored, pre-organized and pre-tty awesome purse organizers! They have different packages or “pikles” that have all the necessities you’d need for different situations. They carry:


3. Gym Water Bottle With Storage

gift-ideas-for-college-students-Contigo-AUTOSEAL-Kangaroo-Water-Bottle-with-Storage-Compartment-24oz.-Turquoise-listing-listsIt’s easy for a student to sit all day long and forget to at least get up and walk around.  Encourage activity and hopefully trips to the gym with this water bottle that has internal storage.  Staying hydrated is important for the health of the brain.

It would be easier to go to the gym if you only had to carry one thing. Typically, locker space at a school gym costs extra. This way your student can save money on going to the gym.

4. Solar Charger for Cell Phone

Most apartment owners do not include all utilities in the cost of rent.  Sometimes if you’re lucky you can find a place with hot water or gas included but it would be gold to find a place with electricity included.  A student is nothing without his/her cell phone.  You’ve seen a college campus…everyone has their head down into their phone walking drunkenly to their next class. Students that are trying to save money on their electricity bill will really appreciate a solar powered cell phone charger.  This particular one is rated very highly on and if you have a Prime membership, it only costs $19.99! This would make a great stocking stuffer as well.


5. USB Hub / Splitter

Nowadays most college students will have between 3-5 electronic peripherals.  A peripheral is anything from a mouse to an external speaker to another computer. Rarely does a college student have enough USB ports on his/her computer to support all of these devices.  Mac computers, a very popular collegiate personal computer, has on average only 2 USB ports.  Get your student on of these USB hubs so they don’t have to prioritize which electronic gets charged first. 3 cheers for 100% battery levels!


6. iPhone Touchscreen Gloves


Winter is coming.  For some, winter is here and one can never have too many pairs of gloves around the house.  I like to keep a mountain of them in the closet by the door so I don’t have to round all of them up until the end of the week. I’d love to have about 10 pairs of these babies.  There are quite a few brands of gloves that support touchscreens for sale out there, but these are my favorite. They have the touchscreen tips on every finger.  Most gloves only give you the thumb and one or two other fingers.  Also, these are cheap! On you can get a pair for $7.99.


7. Netflix Subscription

Sometimes just having something on in the background can help students focus. Many students report that they get more work done if there is music or a movie on in the background. It helps the time seem like it’s going by a little faster. A Netflix subscription would be a great gift for a college student.

8. Juicer

gift-ideas-for-college-students-listing-lists-omega-juicergift-ideas-for-college-students-listing-lists-omega-juicerIt’s really easy to get lazy with the cooking and eating healthy in college.  The extra time you have to eat is not always a matter of hours but of minutes, so college students tend to use the microwave more than the other appliances.  Juicing is a very easy, very fast way of getting the daily fruits and vegetables that a good strong mind needs. Get your student a high quality juicer. This is an appliance that you don’t want to skip out on for quality.  Cheap ones are more of a pain than anything else.


9. Quality Coffee

You want to give a small treat to a well deserving college student? Coffee is always a good way to go.  The poor college student tends to purchase the cheap shit like Yuban and Folgers and it’s horrible.  The soothing smell of a slowly brewed Starbucks Sumatra is the absolute best way to start a Monday morning. Yuban wakes you up, but Starbucks or Caribou Coffee or even a bag of Dunken Donuts coffee is a great cheap gift idea for a college student.

10. Comfortable Quality Laptop Backpack

gift-ideas-for-college-students-listing-lists-ogio-backpack-black-epic-comfortable-back-supportA college student does a ton of walking every day.  Most college students carry around a laptop, textbooks, binders/notebooks, water bottles, and more with them all the time.  A good comfortable quality laptop backpack would be a well appreciated gift.  Even if the college student isn’t looking for a new backpack, if he/she started using one that was meant for back support, they might experience back pain relief they didn’t even know they had. This would be a perfect gift for a college student.

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